Konverzační témata- Olympiáda AJ- kategorie A1,A2


Konverzační témata- Olympiáda AJ- kategorie A1- prima, sekunda:

 1. My family

2. My school

3. My daily programme

4.My town, my village

5. Hobbies, free time activities

 Have a look at the questions below.


Konverzační témata- Olympiáda AJ- kategorie A2- tercie, kvarta:


1. What‘s your name?

Where are you from?

Where do you live?

Which school do you go to?

2. How long have you been learning English?

Do you study English at school only or do you have an opportunity to use it

out of school, too?

Do you learn another foreign language? If not, which foreign language would

you like to study in the future?

3. How did you get to school/this school today?

Did you come alone or is anyone with you?

Have you been to a similar competition before?

How did you prepare for the competition?



1. My family

Where do you live? Who do you live with? What‘s your address and telephone

number? How many people are there in your family? What do your parents, brothers

and sisters do? Do you live in a flat or in a house? What do you usually do at the

weekends? Do you have any pets at home? What do you usually do on holidays?

Do you have any aunts, uncles or cousins? How often do you meet? What do you do

when your family gets together?

key words:

family members (mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt,

uncle, cousin), family members‘ jobs, flat, house, names of individual rooms, programme for the weekend (names of hobbies, sports etc.), family celebrations

(names of common gifts, meals and activities connected with celebrations)



2. My school



What school and class do you attend? How many boys and girls are there in your

class? Who is your classteacher? How do you get to school? What time does your

school usually start and finish? What are your favourite subjects and why do you like

them? What subjects do you dislike and why? Describe a typical English lesson in

your class? What would you like to study/do in the future? Do you eat lunch in your

school canteen? Do you go on trips with your class? If yes, where did you go last

time? Do you have a school magazine in your school? Do you have a good friend in

your class? key words:

school subjects and school objects, school equipment, timetable and breaks, names

of schools (basic, secondary high or university), school trips (transportation, activities

etc.) and excursions


3. My daily programme


When do you usually get up? What do you do in the morning? What do you have for

breakfast? Do you have a snack at school? When do you study? What do you

usually do in the afternoon? Could you describe what you usually do e.g. on

Tuesdays? How often do you watch TV? What are your hobbies and when do you

have time for them during the week? Do you like reading? What do you usually do at

weekends? What time do you get up and go to bed on Saturdays?

key words:

leisure time activities – sports, hobbies, meals during the day, daily routines, way of

washing in the morning and in the evening, newspapers and magazines, TV


4. My town, my village



Where do you live? Is it a town or a village? How old is your town/your village? Do

you live in a flat or in a house? Do you like the place where you live? Do you have

your own room or do you share it with your brother or sister? Are there any nice

places in your town or village where you often go for a walk? Where do you usually

go if you have some spare time? What‘s your favourite place? Where do you meet

with your friends? Where do you go to the theatre or to the cinema? Where can you

do sports in you home town/vilage? What shops are there in your town/village? Do

you know any tourist attractions in the place where you live?

key words:

shops (names of individual shops – grocer‘s, supermarket, department store,

greengrocer‘s, butcher‘s, florist‘s, stationer‘s etc.) and institutions in the town

(schools, offices, banks, shops, university, cinema, theatre, etc.), cultural life

(concerts, exhibitions, film, theatre plays), places in the country – valley, hill,

mountain, woods, forest, path, meadow, road, plain etc.



5. Hobbies, leisure time, pets, sports



What sport/s do you do? How often do you do sports? Do you watch sports on TV?

Do you collect something? Do you know anyone who collects something? What do

people usually collect? Do you like animals? Do you have a pet at home? Tell us

about it. Do you like going to the zoo? Which animals are there? Do you like reading

books about animals? Do you watch TV programmes about animals? What are your

favourite TV programmes? Do you go to the cinema? Do you have a favourite film

star? Who is it? Do you listen to music? What kind of music do you prefer? Do you

have a favourite singer or group?

key words:

sports (individual sports and team games, sports typical for individual countries),

collections and what can people collect, pets and what they need, kinds of films,

music, books (novel, short story, fairy tales, poems etc.)


6. Weather, seasons, clothes and fashion



What type of weather do you like? What type of weather do you dislike? What is the

typical weather in the Czech Republic in various seasons? Which season do you like

best and why? What clothes do people wear in winter and in summer? What do you

usually do when it rains? Which sports do you do in winter/in summer? Do you go

cycling in winter? What is the weather like today? What are you wearing today?

key words:

names of seasons, types of weather (windy, rainy, cloudy, sunny etc), clothes (skirt,

shirt, trousers, blouse, coat, jacket, sweater, jumper, shorts, shoes, boots, socks,

kneesocks, pants, underwear etc.)


7: English speaking countries


Where do people speak English? Have you been to such a country yet? If yes, where

have you been and what have you seen there? If not, what country have you

read/learned about? Do you know any important towns/places/sightseeings in an

English speaking country? Do you like travelling? Have you flown on a plane? How

do you usually travel? Where would you like to go and what would you like to visit

there? Do you know any typical foods? Have you tried it yourself? Do you have any

penfriends abroad? If yes, tell us about him/her.

key words:

ways of communication (letter, telephone, e-mail, postcards, SMS messages, chat

etc.), new technologies (vocabulary connected with computers – monitor, keyboard,

hardware, software etc.), names of foreign countries, means of transport, melas


8. Cultural life



How often do you go to the cinema, to the theatre, to a concert, exhibition, museum?

What ineresting things have you seen/heard last? Do you have any favourite film

stars, musicians, singers, painters? Why do you like them? Do you like reading?

What do you read? What type of book is your favourite one? Have you got a favourite

book? Who wrote it and what is it about? Have you ever acted in a theatre play?

Have you ever written a rhyme or a poem or a story for your school magazine?

key words:

theatre and things connected with theatre, types of theatre plays (comedy, tragedy,

love story etc.), types of literature, writer, playwright, poet, composer, painter etc.



9. Holidays and festivals



Name your favourite holiday. What are the differences between Christmas

celebrations and Easter celebrations in the Czech Republic and in an English

speaking country? What do we eat and what are the typical meals abroad? Which

holidays are different here and abroad? Which holidays do you celebrate in your

family? What do you do, what do you eat and drink? When is your birthday? What do

you usually do on your birthday? What presents did you get for your last birthday?

Who do you buy a birthday present for?

key words:

holidays and celebrations (Christmas, Easter, birthday, Halloween, St. Valentine´s),

typical meals, namedays, presents etc.



10. Healthy and unhealthy lifestyle



What is healthy for people and what is harmful? (smoking, drinking alcohol, too much

food, unhealthy food etc.) What do you do to keep fit? What do you usually eat and

drink? Do you do sports? Do you go for a walk regularly? How long do you sleep?

How often do you watch television/ do you play computer games? Can you name

some healthy food and some food dangerous for you?

key words:

healthy and unhealthy food (names of fruit and vegetables, meat, bakery products

etc.), lifestyle, names of most frequent illnesses